To date, a lot of studies on business development and growth have focused exclusively on business training, mentorship, coaching and financial inclusion outcomes.

However, much of the benefits of improved business practices will likely accrue to consumers in the form of lower prices and higher quality goods and services. The design of these surveys may vary due to the complexity of the brand, the market as well as client preference.

Below are some of the methods used to investigate market research:

Brand Attitudes and Perceptions surveys

These types of surveys help companies get insights into their customers’ beliefs about their products and services. Questions for these surveys may be focused on:  price, value and customer care.

General Brand Awareness

People are more likely to buy a brand that they can spontaneous recall over one that they must be prompted to name. IGREC has an experienced publicity and brand awareness team.

Brand Usage

Common factors in measuring brand usage include how recently consumers have engaged with certain products, how often they do so, and their total in the brand and product. We also use brand usage analysis to measure market share.

Mystery shopping/ Purchase Intent

Without using questionnaires, we help companies identify their customer satisfaction levels as well as their quality of customer care through analytical gauging. We use this method to draw a direct connection by measuring customers’ likelihood to buy from your firm/business or switch to a competitor.