Data collection
and management

IGREC aims to maximize efficiency of staff and resources, ensure the collection of accurate and reliable data, and focus on careful management of data once they have been collected.

The collection, management and analysis of data is an important aspect of programme planning and implementation, and has significant effects on programme effectiveness.

Our team has proven expertise to conduct and manage various stages of data collection, to mention: conducting census surveys, needs assessment surveys, baseline surveys, midline and End lines surveys, follow up surveys.

Survey CTO Uganda

Collecting data in the field is always easier with a mobile app. We help our clients and partners collect data points through mobile data collection app SurveyCTO.

Data collection, management
and usage training

What makes us difference is our commitment to quality services. A great and well trained field team is therefore essential for any data collection activity. IGREC does not only invest in our own staff but commit to extending the service to a greater community. We offer both client driven and in house designed training.