IGREC is an independent research organization based in Uganda that was founded through a coalition of research associates with an interest to make development programs more evident using rigorous research and evaluation techniques. IGREC aims at building a global linkage between researchers and decision-makers to design, rigorously evaluate, and define possible and cost-effective solutions to existing social-economic problems. Combining scientific rigor and technical proficiency, we deliver reliable data, thorough analysis, innovative methods, novel technologies, and sustainable programs that help inform public policy and practical evidence. We scale our approach to fit the demands of each partner and thus relevant to the diversity nature of programs.

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  •  Silva Vargas, Mariajose
    IGREC is an extraordinary research organization based in Uganda. The team is highly qualified to run rigorous research on some of the world’s greatest challenges, and to translate research into action. Moreover, they have a deep understanding of the local context, and provide valuable input to design research in the most effective way. I have the pleasure to collaborate with them on a quite demanding project and their expertise has been crucial for the success of it. I am looking forward to seeing what new collaborations and projects we will run together in the future!
    Silva Vargas, Mariajose
    Phd candidate, Maastricht University